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The Zachariou family Firm was established in 1897 . After working with Italian craftsmen making handmade frames , Venetian mirrors , patinas and restorations , Konstantinos Zachariou opened his first  workshop in Athens . He was the official framemaker of the King and Queen of Greece and all the Court . At the same time he began collecting art works ,  mainly paintings and sculpture and  began hosting  art exhibitions.

In 1946  the second generation ( Manolis Zachariou  & brothers ) operated their own Gallery/Workshop again in the centre of Athens continuing  the family business . This time experimenting with new ways and new materials for the framemaking and the restorations . It was the beginning of the period  of the restoration of mosaics , icons , frescoes for the Byzantine churches and Monasteries all over Greece and Cyprus ( Mt . Athos , Patmos island , Salonica ,Mystras , Meteora . . .  ) . The restoration that began at this period was the first in Greece, and used the methods invented and developed by the Zachariou family Firm.
In 1968  a new Gallery/Workshop opened in the same place where it still runs up to this day  by the third generation ( Konstantinos & Marsoula Zachariou ) continuing the tradition of over a century with exactly the same way. The Firm collaborates with National and Private Museums and collectors in Europe , the U.S. and the Middle East .The raw materials  used ( pigments varnish  e. t. c.  ) are created in the Zachariou family Workshop and as a result the handmade frames acquire unique colours , patinas and style intended for each and every painting individually.

The Athens National Gallery,The Benaki Museum, The War Museum in Athens,The Byzantine Museum, The Athens Academy,The National Theatre, The Corfu Art Museum,The Museum in Volos ,The Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki,The Tombs in Vergina,The Art Collection of the National Bank of Greece, The Levendis Art Collection,The H. Petimezas Collection, Private Collections and Museums in London, Paris and the U.S. and others.

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